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"I was having a lot of neck pain from an old injury (took a big fall from the swing set when I was a kid). It acts up now and then, but it'd reached the point where I was worried it'd lock up. In the past, that's put me on my back for days at a time. Not only was it painful, but I was afraid of missing work. I Googled around and found Dr. Maan's office, and decided to give it a try. This was my first time coming in, and Dr. Maan really impressed me. I've had chiropractors that did more harm than good, or didn't take the time to really assess my tension before proceeding with the adjustment. It's scary having someone mess around your neck when it's already painful, and there are so many nerves tied up in that area.

Dr. Maan was a lifesaver. He was very polite and took the time to listen to all my concerns and questions. Then he examined my neck and paid attention to my feedback. He took the time to work out the muscles until they let up some tension, so the adjustment wasn't painful. Sore, sure, but that's because I'd put off the adjustment for too long. He talked me through the process before going forward with the adjustment, and I felt better within a few hours. I'm back to normal now, and will only be visiting this office in the future!"
- Lyndsay J. from Margate, FL

"I've been visiting Dr. Maan's office for two years now, and to be honest, if he ever moves cities, I'll follow him. He's the only chiropractor I trust with my back, and he's a really nice person in general. I was in a car accident six years ago that left me with a back injury. I'd gone from doctor to doctor, and a few emergency rooms, and all they could offer me was some pain medication (some didn't even offer that). It was getting to the point where it was impacting my ability to walk at all, and a friend recommended Dr. Maan's office to me.

I was really nervous, since I'd never been to a chiropractor before, but the waiting room was nice and the staff was polite. When I got into the back room and started explaining, Dr. Maan was very polite and extremely professional. I was worried about side effects and his experience and, well… frankly, I was just short of a mess.

Dr. Maan took the time to listen to me, didn't patronize, and explained his recommendations. He even gave me advice on different treatments I could try if I wasn't happy with the chiropractic approach after a few weeks. He really didn't have to, but it made me feel much more in control, and like I had options. After the first adjustment, I didn't feel much better, but continued coming for a few days. After the first week, I felt incredible. Hadn't felt like that in MONTHS. He was an absolute game changer. Now I visit him once every two weeks, and recommend him to anyone who has any kind of neck or back pain. Thank you Dr. Maan!"
- Janice T. from Coral Springs, FL

"Absolute BEST chiropractor in the city and state. Or anywhere, probably. I had been diagnosed with a mild case of Bells Palsy when I came in here, and I was miserable. I wasn't sure how much help they could give me, but the Google reviews looked good and I have several family members with back injuries who recommend the wonders of chiropractic care. What could it hurt? Dr. Maan immediately exceeded my expectations. He was able to tell me more about the condition than even the ER doctor I'd visited, and took the time to talk me through my concerns. Overall, I found him kind, knowledgeable, and patient.

When it came time for the adjustments, the table was surprisingly comfortable (my aunt always complained about chiropractic tables), Dr. Maan took his time because I was so tense, and the adjustments themselves were very expert. It ended up not helping my condition after a while, but I still felt better and more in alignment after each session. After a few visits, he recommended cold laser to me, which I'd never tried before. I was unsure, but Dr. Maan was very skilled and professional about it. I ended up trying that for a few weeks and I feel so much better. I now come in regularly, and the staff treats me like a friend. It's a great place!"
- Jerry K. from Parkland, FL

"I originally came in to get some adjustments to my hips. I do freestyle danced sometimes, not as a professional, but I love it, and I didn't like feeling like something was about to pop at any time. I'm only 35, but that's not something I want to risk in any case. I found Dr. Maan's office through Google and came in for a visit. Dr. Maan is a very skilled and professional chiropractor. He asked me to describe the problem I had, if I had any other discomforts, and talked me through what the basic adjustment process would look like.

Once we got to talking and I explained more, he was able to recommend a more advanced adjustment, since he suspected the issue wasn't my hips, but something in my lower back. After he felt around the area and asked more questions, he did a few quick (like wow, really quick) adjustments. I felt relief almost immediately. It took a few more sessions over the next weeks to get my hips just right, but I feel amazing now. I'm so impressed that he didn't apply a basic treatment, but instead took the time to get to the root of the issue and ensure I felt better as a whole. Now I go in regularly for an alignment, and my back and neck feel great too. Didn't even know they felt bad!

As a plus, the staff, Marlene and Sara, are great people. Love chitchatting with them before appointments, and they always find me a spot that accommodates my weird schedule. This is a great place!"
- Rebecca A. from Tamarac, FL


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