On Your Journey to Better Health in Coral Springs FL

On Your Journey to Better Health in Coral Springs FL!

Chiropractic Coral Springs FL On Your Journey to Better Health

When it comes to collision accidents (whether auto, slip and fall, or sports-related) where there's whiplash, there's often more. Consider what the body might experience during a typical "fender bender" auto accident.

The driver or passengers might strike their head and sustain a concussion. They might strike their arms and legs. If the driver was holding the wheel, they may sustain chest, shoulder, and seat belt injuries.

The forces that impact the body in any collision-type accident can even cause herniated discs. The only way to rule out these injuries? Get evaluated.

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The good news is that the musculoskeletal injuries sustained in most accidents can be effectively treated without the need for medications or surgery. Listen to your body. Book an evaluation right here with us.

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