What is Chiropractic Dr Maan?

Dr Maan is passionate about helping your back pain, neck pain and other ailments by the most natural means possible. Whiplash from car accidents, chronic headache and other problems are seldom best treated by drugs and surgery. Chiropractic adjustments, along with a care plan involving physical therapy, massage therapy and other treatments has proven to have more lasting results than other forms of symptomatic treatment.

Chiropractic medicine has a long history of non-invasive pain management and recovery. Traditionally, a chiropractor will physically manipulate the patient’s body into different positions in order to align their spine and improve their posture. This has been proven to relieve neck pain, back pain, pain in the extremities and other pain related to nerve impingement.

The practice of chiropractic medicine has evolved greatly since the early days. New tools and procedures have been discovered which greatly enhance the effects of Chiropractic. This has made it less invasive and lessened the necessity for pain medication. Also, recovery times have been made shorter as we implement new spinal adjustment techniques and corrective tools.

Over the years, chiropractic medicine has expanded not only in new tools and techniques for the chiropractor, but it has also integrated other medical disciplines. Physical therapy and massage therapy in particular have brought massive improvements to the already effective spinal adjustments. Proper nutrition and health oriented lifestyle choices have made chiropractic treatment even more effective.

We also use the latest and greatest techniques in physical therapy, nutrition advice and massage therapy to build on our chiropractic practice. These disciplines greatly speed your recovery and make it more permanent by relaxing your muscles, improving circulation, and retraining your muscles to permanently improve your posture.

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