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We offer comprehensive wellness services including chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling. Our mission is to not only treat and relieve pain but also to enhance all aspects of your health. 


Chiropractic medicine has a long history of non-invasive pain management and recovery. We have years of experience.


Everyone is always surprised how safe, effective and relaxing the treatment is. Most sleep during the session.

Functional Medicine

Dont guess on what vitamins and supplements to take. We will test you to determine what is needed.

Recent Client Testimonials and Reviews

Ashley R.

Pembroke Pines, FL

I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly staff . I originally went to see them about my back, and wound up getting nutritional advice as well. I am loving the new plan that we worked out, and the thing that I am loving the most is the way that my clothes are fitting. Might be time to buy some new ones soon. Whatever your needs whether it be chiropractor, nutrition, or spa services go to Quantum. The team there will give you the hook up! My next appointment is next week and I can’t wait.

Katy S.

Weston, FL

A friend recommended that I go and check out their chiropractor for some issues that I was having with my neck. Dr. Maan adjusted me, and I was good to go. Now I go every other week to keep things in check. If you are looking for a new chiropractor in this area go give him a look, promise you won’t be disappointed. The location is very convenient, and I never have to wait forever in the waiting room. That is a great thing if you are on a tight schedule. I really have never been to see a chiropractor before this, but I am loving the idea and I will continue to go.

Bradley A.


I was having some issues with maintaining a good eating plan for weight loss. I went to Dr. Maan for some nutrition advice and received more than that. Dr. Maan helped me get an eating schedule going, and so far so good. I am losing weight at a healthy and predictable pace, and am loving the results. I don’t think without the structure and support provided by Dr. Maan I would be able to keep going. So if you need nutritional advice I would suggest going and seeing the Doc.

Wajid G.


I was referred to Dr Maan by a family friend. He has been going for a while now and said they are very professional. I gave it a try since it was right behind my house and I was very pleasantly surprised. I went more for a routine check up then a specific need based treatment. They did a great job with the adjustments and Dr. Maan explained exactly what he would be doing step by step. I felt comfortable and have now gone the in house spa services. My mother and father whom both had back and hip pains also went to him and they have seen a noticeable difference. I would recommend Dr Maanto anyone who is looking for a Chiropractor. If you have fears or doubts about the practices and adjustments, it is even better because they did such a great job explaining everything!

Taryn M.

Burnet, TX

I see a Chiropractor in my home town every week, but I was away on business and needed some help quick. I got out of my hotel room bed, and about fell to the floor. I called up Dr. Maan to see if they could squeeze me in for an emergency, and boy am I glad that I did. The next day it took me 16 hours to get home, but I wasn’t in pain. Dr. Maan seemed very knowledgeable and really listened to what pain I was having, and then poof before you know it the pain was gone. Thanks again Dr. Maan! If I am ever back in Florida and in need of help I will look them up for sure.

Edward F.

Hollywood, FL

Outstanding customer service and commitment to my health! Have been using Dr Maan for several years and their service(s) are simply OUTSTANDING!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Son O.


I was skeptical regarding the value of chiropractic medicine and I had a less than positive experience several years ago but I knew I needed some treatment after a car accident. This facility is in a very convenient location, is clean and the equipment is comfortable. The entire staff is pleasant, friendly and professional. Dr. Maan is kind and sympathetic. He patiently explained my conditions and his treatment plan. I was reluctant to try a massage fearing it would be painful but it was beneficial as he insisted. This has been a very positive experience so far and, most importantly, I am improvingOutstanding customer service and commitment to my health! Have been using Dr Maan for several years and their service(s) are simply OUTSTANDING!!!! Thank you!!!!!


Miami, FL

Professional, conscious. Wonderful doctor and staff.



Excellent, Professional friendly treatment all the time. Excellent treatment.



Everyone in the office is great and the Dr. is fantastic! Just within my 3 sessions I’ve been feeling like my self again, more flexible and less ackes and pains. My 9 year old even loves going and getting adjusted.  🙂


Coral Springs, FL

Expertise, care and professionalism demonstrated by Dr. Maan and his entire staff are unsurpassed. They go to great lengths to tailor treatment to a patient’s individual needs – definitely not a “cookie cutter” chiropractic office. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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